Where to find the best jewellery pieces for your collection

where to find gold jewellery pieces

Jewellery to me is more of an emotional purchase than anything else. It might sound too deep but I am sure you feel the same way. There is something about walking towards your jewellery box and picking out the perfect earrings to compliment your hair up-do for that event or even just that casual Tuesday.

Being at home these past few weeks with none of my jewellery (it is all in London still whoooooops) has made me feel a little naked if I may admit.

I never go one day without wearing my rings and now my hands just look empty. The treasures I find through hours of vintage shops strolling would always top any online experience, I truly stand by that but that doesn't mean you don't need some classic good quality pieces in your collection, right?

See below for my current favourite places to shop jewellery, I love golden tones so you will find a lot of that in the collections of all below shops but if you prefer silver, there is plenty of choice too.


Always wanted to wear croissants on your fingers? me too. Mejuri is the most stunning, sophisticated brand when it comes to jewellery and if you are a sucker for gold tones like me? Go check out their website because I can guarantee your basket will be full before you know it!


Astrid and Miyu

The place to be for your designer-looking budget friendly earrings. They master the art of stacking and I have many ear cuffs from them, everyone will think it is pierced but you can just take the cuffs out at night and wear them whenever you need that extra detail! (Which for me is, always)


Monica Vinader

The main stop for rings in my opinion, SUCH incredible quality and the most beautiful gem stones to add to your collection. I personally have the white crystal with gold band and I have not taken it off since the moment I walked out the store with it.



Think; quality meets trendy meets classic. How? I don't know, it is just the truth. Yoj has many pieces that will be worn by everyone for years to come, the quality is so good that they will last and stand the test of time too and oh they are so hot right now following the latest influence of face and body shapes.


Audrey Leighton Vintage

No one does it better than Audrey. She has created a beautiful vintage brand with a monthly curated collection, including vintage jewellery. It goes like gold so set an alarm for every collection drop, but if you are lucky to get your hands on something you will have a treasure for life!


Rock n Rose

The perfect shop in case you are bored of seeing the average insta-jewellery. They have not only the most gorgeous, interesting pieces but also stunning photography that will blow your mind. I go on their website regularly even just to look for inspo sometimes!


Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe necklaces have been on my wishlist for the longest time, from when I interned at Liberty London. The initials are the only initial necklaces I would ever wear because they are so intricate with special detailing that you won't see anywhere else. One day I will buy one for myself. (Also makes the perfect gift!)



The list just would not be complete without a Missoma mention in here, I love my horn necklace that I have from them - all their jewellery compliment each other perfectly and it is a good place to start your collection. Again, mainly if you love golden tones!


Amme London

Amme is founded by one of my fave bloggers Chloe Plumstead. The textured necklaces are absolutely beautiful and the hoops they have are so good for layering and to wear on their own with the perfect little black dress.