Fashion Trends: Why are we wasting our money?


I am so bored of fashion trends.

There, I said it.

Yes, I loved fashion week and yes I love gaining inspiration from the perfectly merchandised windows but oh am I tired of walking into Zara knowing everyone else will think that beige sequin top is a ‘’unique’’ find and we all stroll onto the next store wearing exactly the same stuff.

That is, for a couple of weeks anyway until (2 at most now, especially Zara) we are all bored of our one-off items and crave the latest mannequin outfit from head to toe. It really is a cycle that just keeps on going and going.

Why do we give into it that easily?

Don’t get me wrong I have definitely fallen for this myself and it is not that I would never buy anything from our go-to stores again, but I will admit that I have not been buying new clothes as often as I did before and when I do, I choose colours and patterns more carefully.

Most of the time I just don’t get excited anymore – I roll my eyes at all the polyester and I frankly can’t see myself wearing any of the items over and over again. And yes, it is called fast fashion for a reason but why give into it that easily?

I was just browsing the Sezane website the other week and saw the perfect camel blazer, out of my budget usually but because I haven’t spent all my income on the Asos sale this time, I can actually afford it – and it is the perfect one I had in mind all this time. I can see myself wearing it for years to come, every autumn and you know what? That gives me more excitement at the moment than any big shopping spree I have done in the past.



Not to say that some trends aren’t worth hopping on board with, we all know the pearl hairclips made it into my collection this season BUT I still wear them and I also know that I haven’t spend a fortune on them. I didn’t always have this thought, I used to obsess over every latest trend and check all the Sheerluxe posts available. The amount of times I would take home a dress only to find I had no right shoes or coat to wear it with. I know we are suppose to look back with no regrets and this will only be a small one but damn, I wish I thought about my purchases a bit more – even if they didn’t cost much at the time.

Oh if I had the money back then I would have spend it on that Gucci belt, how badly I wanted that. Thankfully I didn’t have anywhere near enough in my bank account becauseeeee – the only place I have seen those belts lately is on Depop.


With all that said, I always wanted to be a fashion blogger.

For me, by definition (as if I am the dictionary) a fashion blogger is someone who shares their love for fashion and this is usually fashion trend focused. CURRENT fashion trends.

Trends to talk about in posts such as ‘’How to style the neon look 3 ways alongside Balenciaga trainers and sunglasses that are uncomfortable but look cool-ish’’

I see other bloggers linking their outfits and everything is always up to date (everything is also conveniently from the same stores as Rewardstyle is connected with but ahem, that is another subject for another time.) and to be honest, it is hard to keep up.

So do I still see myself as a fashion blogger? Lol, did I ever see myself as a fashion blogger? Not really. I just always wanted to be.

I still love others that are, but I find myself more towards style blogging and bloggers. The ones that share what they love even if they bought it 4 years ago, the ones that have a more consistent wardrobe that builds up over the years, I aspire to be more like them.


the feeling of competition

The point is, I find the fashion world inspiring and fashion trends SHOULD come and go. I just don’t want to be part of this competition anymore.

The competition of social media and showcasing the latest best finds, the competition of staying on top of the trend game in the industry and the competition with myself;

For knowingly buying and falling in love with the latest trends and feeling bored of them after the 3rdwear. For knowingly buying a £20 top from River Island in green and white flowers, when I know colours and patterns like that will bore me shortly after. Better yet, for not saving that £20 and putting it towards that vintage white blouse I had been eyeing all along.

I am not trying to bash the high street stores here, it is just where I usually buy from. I have some items from Forever21 that I wore for 5 years. 5 whole YEARS, I didn’t even know the items would last me that long. I also had some H&M boots that I wore every winter because they just went with every outfit I owned –it is just about making the smarter choices when you walk into these stores, and to avoid the mannequins at the front, no matter how perfectly well they’re styled.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Are you an impulse kinda buyer or are you more mindful when shopping?

Love, M