5 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Side Hustle


If you are reading this, you probably have one or multiple side hustles - yay! I love side hustles. I love the unlimited opportunities that they create and I love how passionate people get about them, myself included. However, if you are anything like me (human) you have probably lost a little motivation for your side hustle every now and again.

It is hard, trust me. It is hard to keep focused on your goals when they feel so so far away, it is hard to stay focused when you feel like everyone is winning apart from you. You know this is only in your head, not the truth - but our heads can be pretty convincing at times. So here are 5 ways to help stay focused on your side hustle;

1. Have someone hold you accountable

Yes, you need to keep yourself accountable and we all know it. But actually, having someone else hold you accountable for the times that you need it most can be just what you need. I have done this when I felt a lack of motivation, I reached out to a fellow blogging friend and said ‘’We both need to have 1 blog post completely finished by 2pm’’ and we did. Knowing that someone will check in on you in the office is likely enough motivation to do your every day job to high standards – so why not implement it in your side hustle? I know we do what we love and that should be enough motivation but sometimes it isn’t, and that’s okay.

The goals that we set at the start of the month might feel far away and when deadlines are creeping up, working for yourself you are probably more likely to push them back, if only YOU know about them. Sharing small goals and to-do’s with someone to hold you accountable can be just what you need!


2. Create a vision of yourself in 6 months from now, what do you see?

This tip has been an absolute game-changer for me, and I know it will work for you too. A few months ago, I did a live training session with Danielle Canty from BossBabe and she shared a meditation exercise, where instead of focusing on a calm, relaxing place to wind down, she told me to focus on a vision I had for myself – leaving no details out.

You can do this at any time and it will bring all focus back to yourself and what you are working towards.

Where do you see yourself living in 6 months? What are you wearing? Who are you surrounded by? What do your monthly income statements look like? What are your hobbies, running, yoga? EVERYTHING is important, see yourself in 6 months from now and start showing up as that version of you.

3. Colour-code your Google Calendar to plan your life

That’s right I’m talking ‘’lunch with the girls at 1pm’’, ‘’taking out bins and doing all washing at 7pm’’ – colour code your life and you will see how much time a week you have to spend on your side hustle, I bet it is more than you think.

The thing is, whether you are a planner or not, we all waste a lot of time on random tasks that really have no benefit to our everyday life, even something small as thinking about what to do that day can take up an hour and what do you achieve with that? nothing.

I have wasted countless hours scrolling through my Instagram without a purpose and I am sure you have done this too. Don’t get me wrong, planning in time for social media is likely needed for your side hustle, it is for mine too – but once you have this time set in your calendar you will be more mindful of your hour on Instagram, when you know you only have an hour.

Additionally, scheduling ‘’time to relax’’ or ‘’time for call with friends’’ is 100% needed and I encourage to plan this in often – as we forget this all the time.


4. Find a community

Working for yourself doesn’t have to be lonely, there are so many great communities for countless of side hustles, people who will share your love and passion and who can talk you through the tough times – because it’s likely they are going through the same struggles or have dealt with them before.

I met one of my best friends online via Instagram through our side hustle – although we have never met in real life, we have weekly phone calls about work, life, relationships and we lift each other up every time we feel that lack of motivation.

One of the easiest ways to find your community is to search for a Facebook group – thousands of people have the same thoughts as you and you can find them all on Facebook! Either search by your interests, city or side hustle topics and add a few groups that look fun, I am sure they are more than happy to welcome you.

5. Celebrate the small wins

Yes we all have those big, ULTIMATE goals but it is the smaller wins that are going to help us get there.

Fall in love with the process of what you do every day and celebrate every time you have achieved something that is going to help you get closer to your goal, I don’t care if it is just 1 new email subscriber that day – it still counts and you never know if that could lead to a new client.

I myself have not been all that great at the small celebrations in the past I have to admit, nothing ever felt good enough. I always had to be better, do better and do more – whilst it is good to strive for more, it is unhealthy to never stop and appreciate how far you’ve come.

I have really changed this view and motivation is running through me more than ever, I would encourage you to do the same!


Love, M x