What’s with the constant need to find our ”style”?

what's with the need of finding our style

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You know when you pick up on something, and then you start seeing it more and more? What I noticed recently is that everyone is in desperate search for their own style. Their own fashion identity, or whatever you want to name it and it got me thinking. Is there a certain style that we are meant to have or find, can this be changed constantly and then still be ''our style''? Are we meant to stick by it, to make it more clear that we have one? And what if some of us never find it?

Is fashion just fashion if you don't make it your own style?

Why do we want to find our style so badly?

Maybe it's an identity thing. I think at some point in our life we are all wondering who we really are, and rethinking all the things that makes us, us. The way we dress is a big part of our identity and the way we express ourselves - so is it that finding our style can help us get closer to finding ourselves?

This all sounds very deep, and in some way it is. I did a presentation about Dior and how it impacted fashion once and one of the questions I got from the audience was; ''Why is the way you dress so important?'' so let me tell you exactly what my answer was; ''To me, fashion is a way to express - and it is a choice. You chose the items you are wearing today for a reason even when you didn't realise it.'' So why not purposely choose next time, why not choose to be the best version of yourself in every way?

That's where the style part comes in again. How can we truly show our personality through fashion if we can't seem to find our personal style?


what's with the need of finding our style
what's with the need of finding our style
Are we meant to stick by our style?

More often than not I have thought I found my personal look, the colour scheme I loved, the kinda vibe I was going for with every outfit and let me tell you; it changed every week.

Searching through all the inspiration thrown at us from social media, magazine ''outfit looks'' and the oh so perfectly curated Pinerest boards it is hard to find just one specific style that is completely you. Let alone afford the look that you really want. Oh how my wardrobe would change if I had some more money - but would my style completely change too?

When I was younger I looked up to certain celebrities and I wanted to dress exactly like them, was that me? No - but it was right at the time. Now I have favourite fashion bloggers who have a style that I can only dream of but I know it wouldn't feel like me if I was wearing it. Maybe the amount of choice is the reason we can't stick with something - not just fashion related but let's not go there.

Though do we have to? Isn't the whole point of fashion to explore and be creative and have fun with all the different styles?

Although I dream of that perfectly put together wardrobe with every piece matching, will it get boring after awhile?

''Fashion fades, only style remains the same - Coco Chanel''

Oh the famous words

The famous words by Coco Chanel that fashion will always fade but your style remains; there is so much truth in this. Though the two go hand in hand, when all the shops bring out ''bohemian'' collections around Coachella season doesn't all of what we wear suddenly change into the bohemian chic style?

Which means when all that fashion on the stores go out of style, what do we have left? Our personal way of bringing different pieces together and not to forget, the way we wear it. I strongly believe in wearing something with confidence makes all the difference.

Anyway, I have been trying to think what the overall conclusion or takeaway is from this post and frankly, there isn't one.

I had just been wondering lately why there are so many articles about ''this is how to find your style'', when in reality that should be down to us, right?

Why are we so desperate to find it?

what's with the need of finding our style