What to expect when attending London Fashion Week

what to expect when attending london fashion week

For many years, I had dreamed of attending fashion week. The shows, the designs, the streetwear, the hectic schedule and the style inspiration had always appealed to me. This week, I had the amazing opportunity to attend London Fashion week for the very first time. I never thought this would be possible, let alone experience this with my good friend Nina | Fashion Blur. She was the one who inspired me to grab this opportunity with both hands and take it all in. All I can say is that I am so glad I did and I wanted to write this post so you know what to expect when you attend one of the big city fashion weeks, as I had no idea until now.

You won't know what to expect until the very first day

I had read SO many blogs on fashion week over the years and had made up a whole scenario of what it would be like in my head but the truth is, you don't know until you're there. For all the well-established bloggers with a million following who have been going for years it will of course be a slightly different experience then if you attend for the very first time (like me) but it all still comes down to the same thing; chaos.

Yes, the show schedule might be clear but that doesn't mean the companies stick by it strictly. One of our shows didn't start until 45 mins later, which made us late to the second show. We actually missed quite a few because of this and various other reasons such as traffic, queues, uber waiting times and just our own stupid time management. It's good to be well-prepared but don't rely on a packed schedule because you need to be quite easy-going and be able to change plans at the last second (which I am NOT lol - but I know I have to be at times like these now)

what to expect when attending london fashion week
what to expect when attending london fashion week
what to expect when attending london fashion week
what to expect when attending london fashion week
You can never plan and prepare enough

This one I learned the hard way. I'd like to think I'm somewhat good at planning ahead and getting things done on time but even when I thought I had it all figured out; I felt stressed and unprepared. Planning for the next day is crucial to it being a successful one - in general but especially during fashion week. No small step is irrelevant so make a list beforehand of every ''night-before'' prep you can think of (think; outfit planning, content location search, places where you can quickly grab some food nearby, schedule for the day etc etc. Oh, and don't forget to order a good and working power bank for your phone because trust me that battery will have as much energy as you do after a day of running around the city.

what to expect when attending london fashion week
Be prepared to eat at any place, any time

Although I knew that the days would involve a lot of rushing and running around, I didn't take into consideration that I wouldn't have time to have a 2 hour lunch in a cute cafe nearby. The photo on the left was actually taken at Fashion Week when I tried to do exactly that - but instead I found out that I could eat tomato/mozzarella paninis a lot faster than I ever thought I could. (personal victory)

My advice is; stock up on any 'on-the-go' food and snacks you can find so you can eat in-between shows and not miss anything important. Tip: there are loads of free drinks and snacks at the start and end of shows which is a huge plus once you feel energy running out.

Don't forget to really take advantage of breakfast; you can fuel your body a bit extra in the morning so you can last longer throughout the day - obviously this is always a good habit but especially when you know there won't be much time during the rest of the day.

Content, Content, Content

This week has been crucial for me to stock up on content for my blog and instagram. Not only will you be more inspired by all the different designs and street styles you see, but you visit multiple locations each day which means loads of different backdrops opportunities for all those outfit posts you have in mind! I really took advantage of all the instagram stories I could post this week as well as I don't usually have these kinds of events going on so it was amazing to be able to share this via stories. I was lucky to be going everywhere with my fellow blogger friend, which I highly recommend. Having experienced all this now I can say it would be a lot harder by myself. Obviously just go by yourself if you are not sure who to go with - you can make friends at the shows and network! Or don't - most people go by themselves which is perfectly fine BUT It is just easier to have someone with you, to help with creating content throughout the day and it can also be more fun when you have to wait in line for a show.

Take it all in and be inspired 

What I have taken away most from this past week is inspiration. I get inspired easily; songs, nature, people, anything that catches my attention I will remember and use in some way. But these fashion week vibes were something else. To be surrounded by people who all have this passion in common is the best feeling in this industry. Working in fashion has a bad rep for not being the kindest industry but I have never been so taken away by other people's outfits, dedication and excitement for sharing the same interest.

I am always trying not to care what others think of me, whether it is my personality or what I wear but this week truly no. one. cared. Everyone was there to express their style, to the extreme. I even felt a little out of place for my outfit being so ''casual''.  I loved the bright handbags, masks and glitter lashes and it inspired me to step out my comfort zone a bit and explore different styles. Of course I will always dress in the way that feels the most me, but sometimes I go for the safe option a little too often.

Sure, you can see catwalk outfits with the most extravaganza designs but seeing someone wearing what they love on the street with such confidence, THAT is what inspired me the most.

what to expect when attending london fashion week

Do you plan on going to fashion week one day? Have you ever been? I would love to know your thoughts on it!!

Love, M x