5 reasons why you should start blogging right now

5 reasons why you should start blogging right now

If there is anything I love doing most it is working on my blog. (Lies, its actually stuffing myself with risotto)

The more work I have going on in regards to uni assignments and part time jobs on the side, the more I value this space I have online. I love having an outlet for my creativity and work on it on my own terms;  no rules or restrictions, just the guidelines and goals I set for myself. I believe that the goals you set for yourself are much more important to work on than the goals someone else has set for you. This doesn't mean that the two can't overlap sometimes. For example, I went back to working in retail last month, on the weekends. The targets set for my that day are not my own, they are given to me by someone else. This is contributing to the bigger picture of the store manager, the area manager and especially the CEO of the company. However, it is also working towards my own goals at the same time - earning more money to invest in my own brand. The main focus being my blog. Here are 5 reasons why you should start blogging right now;

1. Having something that is completely your own

In my opinion, there is nothing better than being in full control about something. Maybe that makes me a control freak, I don't know. Personally I think everyone has a little bit of control freak within their personality - some people just show it more than others.

When starting my blog a few years ago, I instantly fell in love with the fact that it was all mine. I could work on it whenever I wanted to, how I wanted to and design it completely to my style. Only write content that  want to put out there and not be limited by someone telling me what to do and when.

It is the best feeling to have something that you can put your all in to and that you don't have to share with anyone else. It is all you and all yours.

5 reasons why you should start blogging right now

2. Connecting with others about your shared passion

When I started this journey I lived in a small village where no one even heard of the term ''blogging'' before. This didn't stop me from building online friendships and connecting with others who shared the same interests as me. You really don't need to be at your local pub to socialise when it comes to this - you can message anyone from all over the world and I can guarantee you will build some of the best relationships. Even though my ''offline'' friends are very supportive - they don't want to hear me going on and on about creating lightroom presets or another blogger book that I bought. It is the best feeling when you hear someone talking about the topic you love and you can't help but scream out monica geller's; ''I KNOW!''.

5 reasons why you should start blogging right now
5 reasons why you should start blogging right now

3. Finding your voice within the online world

I am not a writer. Far from even.

Does that mean I shouldn't be doing it? I absolutely love writing posts and sharing my thoughts and views on certain topics that I am not going to just let that go to waste. The more people i talk to about starting a blog the more I keep hearing objections. The problem with these are that they are not really objections, they are just negative thoughts and excuses of not doing what you truly want. The most common ones being, ''But what would I write about?'' and ''There are just so many bloggers already, I am not sure there is room for me.''

FIRST OF ALL, there is room for everybody. I hate this statement so much because I feel like no one ever says this about any other industry. There are SO many music artists out there but every few weeks another talent show is being held on TV and there is sill so much undiscovered talent out there. That goes the same for the creative online industry - so don't let this hold you back.

Secondly, ''But what would I write about?" - simply anything you want. I know everyone with some kind of online course or eboo will tell you to pick a really specific niche in order to grow and stand out. Whilst this is amazing advice and can definitely work, you don't have to do that. I know lifestyle bloggers who cover every topic you can think of all at once and are very successful all because people just love their personality. It really depends on what you want to share and how you want to achieve this but it is all about finding your own voice within the online world.

4. Building a strong personal brand and an online community

Apart from seeing blogging as a fun, entertaining side hobby - you need to see it as an opportunity. I don't even think about my blog as a hobby anymore, I see it as a business, a brand. Someone once said (I can't remember who), ''if you see something as a hobby it will stay a hobby'' which could not be more true.

There are a ton of opportunities associated with having a personal website and building an online community around that. For example, this summer I was working as a PR for a luxury fashion start up business. I was told after I got the job, that I was chosen for the role because of my website - and mine is not even at its best yet. This just goes to show that employers value the skills needed to manage a blog. It is not all about the writing, you have to be your own manager, photographer, tech person or whatever, accountant, marketing team and let me tell you that isn't easy but so. worth. it.

5 reasons why you should start blogging right now

5. Discover skills you didn't know you had - and develop them

You probably have hidden talents that are waiting to come out! have you ever taken the time to write an article or shoot a campaign? Did you ever get so many HTML coding wrong that you are watching youtube tutorials on how to fix them in the middle of the night?! (lets hope not) You are about to walk this long path of trial and error and you will guaranteed learn a ton of new skills on your journey.

The more new skills you learn the more curious you will become and I strongly promote that you should never ever stop learning. It is so important to keep improving ourselves, challenging ourselves into developing a new skill and when you see the end result of everything you can do, you will be so grateful and glad that you pushed yourself to the absolute limit.

I strongly believe that everyone can start a blog, no matter what you want to write about or what you want to achieve with it. There are just too many positive factors that come with simply starting a blog that it is almost a waste not to start that it is almost a waste not to start, today.