What to do when you are seeking creative inspiration


The past few weeks I have been nothing but stuck in what I guess you can call ''writers block'' - but not just when it comes to writing. I have been lost for photography inspiration too. Creativity is so important to me and sharing that with you on my blog is what I love most. Whilst I was thinking of ideas for new posts (and my mind was staying blank) I knew I had to go out and get my inspiration back and in that moment I knew exactly what my next post had to be.

I want to share a few tips on what I usually do when I find myself uninspired. These are the ones that work for me but I have read many other tips on this too and everyone has their own ways of finding that creative spark again.

1. go to a flower market 

Filling your house with your favourite flowers will guaranteed make you feel better and more inspired - and there is nothing better than a little stroll through a flower market where everyone is in a good mood. I have had times where I just bought myself some new flowers and they made me smile every time I walked in the room. I know that this is just a small step but it is all the small steps combined that will get you inspired - and sometimes you find inspiration in the most unpredictable places. No matter how simple it might be.

2. plan a small getaway by yourself 

Even though you might make the best memories with friends and family surrounding you - it can also be a distraction. Going out of your comfort zone and planning a small trip to an unknown place with no one but you and your mind could be just the creative break you need. It has to be a new place - sometimes you can discover new places in your own town but when you are really stuck for inspiration it is better to go all out and seek an environment that you might not be familiar with. Even if you are away with others, take a few hours for yourself to explore the area - go to a cafe and try a new drink, talk to the people on the bus that you take on your way there, take a notepad with you and write or draw anything that comes to mind.


3. Browse unlimited hours on Pinterest 

GUILTYYYY - I do this all the time. Not just when I am in a writers block but even when I don't know what to have for dinner that night. It really helps a lot though, you never know what you might find on here - I have a photography inspiration board (secret) with all the photo ideas I have come across over the years. Whenever I am feeling uninspired I just browse through it until an idea comes to mind. Even quotes are everywhere on pinterest and they can help with some great insstagram captions or blog post titles (or even just some little life advice we all need once in awhile)

4. go out and find something new

We are all guilty of reading the same kinds of books and listening to the same music over and over again. Although there is nothing wrong with this (I am telling myself that since I listen to the same 4 songs everyday) it is good to switch things up when you lose sight of your creativity. Music can really help me when it comes to photo ideas; I would listen to a song and picture a whole fashion music video around it and in my mind I would see an outfit styled in a certain way, a certain location and it brings me ideas for my next photoshoot. However, these ideas will never change if I keep listening to the same songs - and neither will yours if you don't go out and find something new.


5. Just do what you were meant to do

I couldn't really find the best words for this subheading but what i am trying to say with it is, just do what you were going to do. Even if you are stuck. if you were planning on writing a short story - just write whatever comes to mind, even if it isn't good. Sometimes I think we are so focused on perfecting everything we do - and whilst that is a good thing and we should want to produce our best work, it is also find to just let things come to us when they do and delete everything afterwards if it was really that bad. You might start something unintentionally amazing.

Love, M x