How to layer and make the most of your staple items

how to layer and make the most of your items
how to layer and make the most of your items

1st. Things first

Start with the basics - do you always wear your dresses/skirts with plain tights? Why not try out something new by getting a different patterned pair! I adoooore all the Calzedonia ones but they are pretty pricey for a pair of tights so I don't purchase them regularly. However, I spotted these polkadot ones in Primark for only £3! I always get my tights from here because I need to stock up and they are some of the most long lasting ones I have tried!

I then recommend looking for the best jacket to go with your outfit - I have had my black one from Topshop for the longest time but I wear it non stop because it simply just goes with everything I own!

This isn't a very exciting outfit yet but a good start if you are unsure on how to layer up some pieces you might already have in your wardrobe.

2. Go from Cool to Cosy in one step 

Switch your jacket for your favourite jumper to create a new, cosier vibe for your outfit. I have had this dark green dress for aaaages (it is my old work uniform) but I love it so much more now I can see how cute it looks combined with a light grey jumper!

I paired it with my favourite Missoma necklace to add more detail - you can layer it up with jewellery as well! Basic jumpers and many different necklaces are the best combo in my opinion.

Orrrrrr.., you can look at the photo down below for the combination of the jacket and the jumper for the real layering deal. I genuinely do not understand the UK weather and how it is sunny one day and freezing the next - so I like to keep my options open by adding and removing layers easily!


how to layer and make the most of your items

TOP 5 Jumpers 


how to layer and make the most of your items

Top 5 Jackets


3. Change up 1 item in your look and create a whole different one

I know it sounds obvious to say but sometimes I feel like we are so focused on buying the latest trends to create new outfits that we forget how simple it is to change one item and create a whole different look. For example, I changed the way I styled my outfit by removing the flowy dark green dress that I styled as a skirt to a tighter black one that I styled over my jumper. This way, it takes away the focus of the jumper and the ''cosy flowy'' vibe and it creates a completely different one. Same shoes, tights, jumper and accessories. PLUS - this black buttoned dress was only £12 from Primark!

Personally, I don't think this goes for every item. When I wear jeans and a T-shirt with converse one day, it doesn't feel like a completely different outfit if I only change the T-shirt to a different one. However, if I swap the converse for a pair of sexy high heels it immediately creates a different feeling - as well as swapping the jeans for a black maxi skirt! just figure out what works for you but I recently have been re-styling so many of my old items to create different layered looks (student budget and all) and LOVING them.

how to layer and make the most of your items
how to layer and make the most of your items


When it comes to the process of layering (sounds so official lol) you can never have enough. Think Joey Tribbiani when he walks in and says ''Could I be wearing any more clothes?'' The answer is yes. (well, not sure if that applies to him in that scenario - or any scenario for that matter ahem 😉 BUT if you feel like you are wearing a lot of different layers you can probably add another one on. All your staple pieces are the key in this case; a thin cardigan with on top; a denim jacket, an oversized fluffy coat, that amazing Zara scarf etc.

Also not to forget the cami tops underneath EVERYTHING in winter. I am on the hunt for some thermo ones!

What is your favourite way of layering items and do you wear your jumpers in different ways yet? I hope some of these tips have been helpful, this is just how I style and layer key pieces in my wardrobe and how I create different looks by doing so!

(no one will notice that you are wearing the same things every day of the week)