How to wear and style one-toned outfits

how to wear one toned outfits

Never ever would I have thought to be writing this post because I was always going for at least 2 colours with my outfi, the only one-toned outfits I would were would be black for a safe option on a night out but I always assumed that wearing only one colour would look a bit boring.

Ohhhh I was so wong.

Only recently I started to try and wear one-toned outfits and I actually love them now! I think blue is my favourite (also kind of safe option still because it is easy to do with jeans)

This year has been the best opportunity to wear one-toned outfits because of all the matching co-ord options that already look amazing together - only some shoes and a bag an with little effort you can have the best outfit!


how to wear one toned outfits

1. decide what will work with your style

I know trying out new fashion trends or going outside your comfort zone can be a bit daunting so start of with looking at your style and what you usually wear. how can you switch it up enough to try something new whilst still keeping it close to your own taste and style and what you feel comfortable with.

If you love the idea of one-toned outfits but you are not sure if you want to go all colour-crazy then white is a good base to start of with. It is elegant, sexy, fresh and very classy. I love wearing all white all year round even though you see it more in summer, I think this look suits everyone and is such an easy option to look amazingly put together!

2. Choose either all the same shade or different ones

On the left picture below, the outfit is styled in all the same shade of pink, apart from the bag. This is an easy option when you want to go for a suit and more formal style of outfit. Co-ords are very on trend at the moment which means they are easy to find online and in most stores. I have seen most of my favourite monochrome outfits styled this way.

Another option to go for is completely different shades of the same colour. So that means dark and lighter shades mixed together, maybe different finishes or fabrics such as metallic or (faux) leather mixed with normal cotton. On the right picture below a very stylish pink outfit is shown where she applied exactly what I just described by choosing a darker shade of pink as her dress with a much lighter shade of pink for her jacket.


source: pinterest


source: pinterest


3. Make a bold statement


Whichever option you go for, make it a statement. Wear it with confidence and go all out with matching shoes and accessories. I personally always used to style my outfits in quite a safe way. For example, I would pair a red dress with black heels and a black handbag and I would never even consider other options. Now, even though there is nothing wrong with that, it is good to step outside your comfort zone and if you want to wear a ''one-toned'' outfit you gotta be all in. That means even the matching sunglasses.

source: pinterest


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photography by Kaye Ford