BareMinerals Products Worth Adding To Your Skincare Routine

bareminerals skincare mask

In my previous skincare post (here), I shared all my favourite base products. Basically the bare minimum of what my skincare routine would typically consist of.

Lately I have been experiencing more with other products (carefully) to see what is out there and what would be good additions to my routine.

BareMinerals kindly sent me a few products and I really like using them so far. I always test out products a few times before sharing them because I think the first time using a new product can sometimes be different from the second time.

I wasn't asked to write this post (not that it should make any difference but apparently it does) but I wanted to talk about these products in a more informative way than just a pretty picture on instagram.


bareminerals skincare mask

Claymates mask Duo - Be bright and Be firm 

So I don't know about you but when it comes to different coloured products I always wonder if they are actually different. I can guarantee you the Claymates mask Duo is amazing and does EXACTLY what it says it does. Which obviously should be a given but isn't always the case in my opinion.

Purple colour: you have to apply the purple one on areas of your face where you want your skin to appear more bright and fresh. I apply this everywhere apart from my T-zone and under eye area.

Green colour: you have to apply the green colour on areas that need tightening up, where you want your skin to be more firm. So I personally apply this to my T-zone and all around my eyes as those are the areas I feel need to be a bit firmer.

I leave the mask on for 15 min and after washing it off my skin genuinely feels so much better. The different colours both leave my skin feeling different as well, the purple mask leaves my skin feeling a lot smoother so I can definitely tell the difference.

I also just want to say that I applied the mask to my mum and my little sister's face as well to get some feedback from them and especially my mum loved the result. She used more of the green colour and had some fine lines around her mouth that were a lot less visible after using the BareMinerals mask!

bareminerals skincare mask
bareminerals skincare mask

Pure Plush Gentle Deep Cleansing Foam 

When it comes to cleansing products, I always want to try different options. I believe that if your skin gets used to a certain product for a long period of time, it is not as effective as it was at the start. I always switch up some products after using them for awhile because you can always go back to what you used previously.

This cleansing foam came into my routine at the perfect time - I just started trying out more acids for my skin and wanted to stick to a neutral cleansing product and heavy moisturiser. The BareMinerals 'Pure Plush gentle deep cleansing foam' is indeed very gentle and leaves your skin feeling very smooth and soft. It is such a creamy formula that it can be used for all different types of skin when you really just want to cleanse your face. I usually go for a cleanser which is more meant for acne skin types but because I was already using the acids to help with that I just wanted a simple cleanser. If you love the Liz Earle 'cleanse and polish' then this one is definitely for you! I find the two very similar as they are both gentle and fresh.

bareminerals skincare mask


if you are looking for a light night cream that makes your skin look glowy in the morning, I would highly recommend the skin longevity vital power sleeping gel cream. This feels like a light has that you put on before you go to sleep (obvs) and I promise your skin looks sooo much healthier and overall more alive in the morning.

I change between this gel cream and the sunday riley LUNA acid - so I use this one every other night when I want to give my skin a bit of a rest from all the stronger products.

- - -

Overall, if you were to choose one product from these 3 to invest in I would recommend the first one, the playmates duo mask just because I was amazed by the way my skin felt after using it. However, the other products are just as amazing but there is only so much you can say about a cleanser!

Let me know if you have tried any of these and what your opinion is on these BareMinerals skincare products.