BAG EDIT – Affordable bags looking like luxury

affordable bags that look designer

Bags can really make or break an outfit in my opinion. The right colour, the matching pattern with the shoes, the right length and detail - it is all very important to make your outfit look put together. Like many other girls, I have always had a love for handbags - especially luxury ones. I may not own a Chanel but you bet I have a pinterest board full of the different styles and colours (those tan vintage ones are the dreammm) - hopefully one day I will be able to afford one but until then I am keeping my eyes open for any hightstreet bags that look more valuable than they are.

Maybe not in material, brand and detail but there are quite a lot of bags out there that look so perfectly designed that they could have been designer. I personally love walking through primary and seeing a small clutch with so much beading that it doesn't look £12. I am always on the hunt for these find as I am sure many of you are, which is why today I thought I would share my current favourites that I have spotted recently!

- Bags under 30 -






- Bags under 100 - 

After a long search online there are so many bags for even less than £20 sometimes on ASOS that look like a million dollars! I personally love the Chloe colour vibes in the ''under 100'' category and I would go for a statement colour such as the cobalt blue or red cross body bags in the ''under 30 and 50''. I wish I owned all of these but for now I can only share my finds with you!

Let me know which one is your favourite and what your favourite stores are for affordable bags that look like luxury!

Love, M x