The Importance Of Monochrome Items In Your Wardrobe


My best friend always wears black, it is her signature colour so I will be writing this with her voice inside my head saying ''You can never go wrong with black'' - may I like to add: ''and white.'' The white part is definitely my own voice, I always gravitate more towards lighter colours and often it involves a pop of colour such as pink or blue but today I will be sharing my thoughts on the importance of monochrome items of clothing in your wardrobe.


Last year I went on a shopping spree that ONLY included neutral colours, I forced myself to stay away from anything with even a little bit of colour or pattern because I already owned so much of that. One day I was stood in front of my wardrobe with all these amazing pieces to wear but nothing to wear them with. It was when I did not even own a single good white tee that I decided it was time to invest in some monochrome colours for every item of clothing. A pair of black heels, white trainers, black short sleeve, long sleeve, black and white jumpers, cropped and normal length. A black jacket, black skinny jeans, white skinny jeans (to please my mum, she loves white jeans and trousers all year round and now I do too)

- What I'm wearing -


Cover the basics

My advice is in order to build your wardrobe, you will need to start with covering the basics and that involves all the neutral colours in every item. Owning basic T shirts in every colour will help so much when you shop for seasonal pieces. You can buy that bold blue skirt without having to worry about what you will pair it with. They are the most affordable to buy as well after you bought black and white cami tops (less than a pound in primark) I bought all my basic T shirts from H&M because the fit is really good and they are good value for money.

I also strongly advice to save up for a black jacket, the amount of times I wear one should be questionable, I basically live in mine and it was the best purchase in the world. If I had to rebuild my wardrobe again, a black jacket would be the first thing on my list, yes, even after underwear.




Handbag choices

Definitely invest in a black and in a white handbag, they will both go with EVERYTHING. This way you can still change your look a little bit depending on the seasons, wear your white one in spring/summer and the black one in autumn/winter time. The one I am wearing in the photo is from Zara and I wasn't able to find a link for the exact same one, but if you look for one black and one white/cream one you are good to go! I love building my wardrobe from there, once all the basics are covered and you can really explore your style and look for other colours and crazy patterns if that's what you're into! I am personally saving up for the Givenchy Antigona still and it feels far away but that is my perfect black handbag which I know will last me for the rest of my life.



I would say naturally I always gravitate towards black shoes which is why I probably have a pair in every style - heels, boots, OTK's, chunky shoes, stilettos, anything. It is important to own a few black or at least neutral coloured shoes because no matter what you wear, you're always guaranteed to find a pair of shoes that go perfect with your outfit.


What are your favourite basic items and do you have a dream bag that you're saving up for? I'd love to know and hear from you!

Love, M

Photography by the talented Kaye Ford

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