Enough with the unrealistic Instagram expectations

Time to address the unrealistic instagram expectations that have been bothering me for way too long.

This whole ‘picture perfect’ instagram life everyone seems to have is too unrealistic and not real. We need to learn that yes, pictures might be absolutely amazing but that does not mean the life of the person who posted it is. Enough with the #goals. Most people just try to stay positive, which is so good and difficult to do. To everyone who can still manage to spread positivity when in reality they are bawling their eyes out, I applaud you, that is tough. However, for me,  I feel like I am being dishonest. My friends always tell me that I am very honest, to an extreme, and this might be too much sometimes but I personally believe that honesty is the best policy, in any situation, but especially when it comes to this social media world we’re living in.

Don’t get me wrong, the majority of my days I am overly excited, enthusiastic and dancing through the streets on my way home. But that does not mean that I can share this picture above, that was taken two weeks ago with the caption ‘Happy Saturday everyone!’ when in reality I am still in bed, wiping away the tears from the night before and dreading to go to work. For some people this might be oversharing but for me it is just being honest, it is going to be all or nothing.

There is nothing wrong with people who only share the best moments in their life, you might follow them and think they have their whole life together because THAT is what instagram and other social platforms do with our minds. Everyone seems to be happier, prettier and doing better things than you. Just remember that no one is happy 24/7, they have many problems of their own and that you should never compare yourself to others.

I was thinking about this all morning whilst typing an instagram caption that would be suitable to this picture. the colours are amazing and even just one glance at a tree like this should make you smile, even just for a second. I love the clothes that I was wearing this day and I remember feeling good when this picture was taken. However, now at this moment in time I am not feeling that way, I feel sad, exhausted and upset. and that is fine too. I just think that the high ‘social media’ expectations are something we can control. It is in our hands to change this and stop creating an image of a perfect life.

I love beautiful pictures but the caption is where the genuinity remains.

Love, M x