First Week In Halls

A whole week in London! and basically living of jaffa cakes. 

I haven’t actually started my course yet so this first week was just more about exploring the city and getting to know everyone in the halls of residence at Uni. My mum and sister drove up with me to London last Sunday to move all of my stuff in my room. (2 boxes full of make up because I am only supposed to take the necessities) 

It was so strange when they left, it did not feel like I was moving out because I was just so excited to meet everyone! I am so glad that everyone in my flat is really nice and we all get along well, that could have been so different. I briefly met the people on my course as well and some of us went out for pizza together after the induction, everyone I met so far seems great and it has all been so positive. I was lucky to get a transfer to Oxford Street for my part-time job and I start next week!

Although my first week in halls has been going exactly the way I was hoping for, it has been so hard at the same time. After I had lunch with two of my friends from home I had a little breakdown. It was just the thought of everyone being home together, they were both leaving together and I was still here, by myself. It also was a combination of being on the phone to my mum at the same time and the thought of not being on a short holiday but actually staying, living in London. I am sure every new student that moved out has had this feeling but it is just something that no one tells you before you go Uni, the teachers will only talk about the course and studying but not about how you will feel and how the massive changes will influence you. 

I know these moments will happen once in a while and that is completely fine and normal, but I don’t want to share how amazing it has been when in reality it didn’t feel like that all the time. I have heard that London can get lonely sometimes and I guess I will see for myself, as long as I will keep busy I am sure it will be great!

The cooking and washing is going alright so far, (haven’t done any washing yet) I had a lot of risotto but also some salads since going to the gym is really not for me oops. It will be more difficult the longer I’m here to think of something different to make for dinner so hopefully Pinterest and my mum will be my survival team once again. 

It is so exciting and scary at the same time! I have been visiting different parts of London every day and there are sooo many good places that I never would have seen if I  didn’t live here now, I also know there will be many more so hopefully after a few months I can do a complete guide to London!


Marlinde x