What’s In My Make-Up Travel Bag

After seeing so many what’s in my bag posts and videos, I thought I would do one myself since I always find them so interesting. However, I looked in my handbag and it is just full of old receipts of my Tesco meal deals really. So instead I will show you what’s in my make-up travel bag! Far more interesting hopefully, unless you were more interested in the meal deals. (in that case, normally the chicken/bacon wraps or pesto pasta salad with the green innocent smoothie, snack varies every time)

I got this gorgeous TED BAKER make up bag in the summer sale just before I went on holiday and I love it so much! It is the perfect size although no matter what size make up bag I take with me, it will always be filled to the top.

L’oreal true match foundation

I have gone through so many of these bottles, it is such a good value for money foundation and for my summer holidays I used the shade Golden Ivory.

L’oreal true match powder

This one I bought because there was a special deal going on for L’oreal at the time but I use it every day now! It sets my foundation well and unlike the Rimmel London powder, which is one of my all-time favourites, this just gives a little bit extra coverage.

Clinique chubby stick 

I have had this blush stick for a long time now and there is still so much product left, if you want a blush that is value for money then go for one of these because it will last you forever! The rest of the year I always go for powder blushes since I just prefer the texture, but for the summer I love this one. It is in the shade 02 Robust Rhubarb.

Benefit fake up concealer

One of my favourite concealers along with the Collection one, it is so moisturising and all my dark circles are gone when I use this. It is a bit more expensive than I would usually pay for a concealer but it does last a very long time and the results are so worth it.

MAC lipstick

The lipstick that has to be in my make up trade bag is MAC in the shade ‘honeylove’, a light nude colour that is so easy to wear with any make up look. It is so hard not to fill up the whole bag with lipsticks but I think this one is a good choice if you can only take one.

Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow

I have to take this with me everywhere and I have not found a better eyebrow product yet so if you have used this and came across an even better product please let me know! I am currently using the shade ‘taupe’ which is a bit too light for me so I will go for a darker shade next time.

Maybelline 24k eyeshadow palette 

It is always a tough choice to decide which eyeshadow palette to take with you. I love my Too Faced peanut butter and jelly palette but I use that one a lot so i forced myself to give this Maybelline one a try and I actually really enjoyed using it! There are so many different looks to create with this palette.

Benefit mini sized mascara

I never go for the full sized mascaras when it comes to benefit since I love all their mascaras and I like to switch it up and use different ones. I just finished my ‘roller lash‘ mascara so I am currently using ‘they’re real’ and I can’t decide which one is my favourite, they both do amazing jobs and the size is perfect for travelling.

Benefit powder

Although the benefit ‘Hello Flawless’ is meant to be a powder to cover up blemishes, I use it as a bronzer in the shade ‘hazelnut’ which would normally be way too dark for me but it is perfect as a bronzer!

I would love to know what’s in your make up travel bag!

Love, Marlinde xo