Chanel Espadrilles Lookalikes

If you are like me and sobbed over the fact that your favourite summer espadrilles are waaaaay out of your budget, I got you covered. Ever since I saw the beautiful Chanel espadrilles on Amber Fillerup’s instagram I have been dreaming about them. Unfortunately, owning anything Chanel will stay a dream for me at the moment so that is why I started my search for the perfect dupes/lookalikes! 

I came across these ones from ASOS and they were only £12! This is just a fraction of the price compared to the Chanel ones and obviously they are not the same in terms of branding and quality but can you really complain for that price? I didn’t think so either. 

I ordered them straight away and I must say that you will need to walk them in a few times before they get comfortable. However, I think they are the perfect summer wardrobe addition and I will definitely recommend having a look if you had your eye on the Chanel ones! Even if it is just to try out the style and colours to see if you would wear them often if you were to make the big purchase. 

Love, Marlinde x