5 Reasons To Go On A Girls Holiday

I wish I could say ”Glad to be back in England” but honestly I feel a bit homesick for Magaluf. I never really thought I was the kind of girl who would go on a party holiday but this has been one of the best experiences of my life so far!

We booked 2 rooms for the 8 of us to stay in the Universal Florida hotel for 4 nights. At first I thought 4 nights/5 days would be too short but actually it was the perfect amount since everyone got a bit ill on the last day. Since we went out every single night it was very exhausting (I even missed breakfast two days in a row what?!) so for that reason going for a week would be good so everyone can have some rest as well in between. 

I was so happy with the fact that we had all inclusive, it was just so much easier to not worry about money every time you wanted a drink or some food. Although I did notice that the staff gave priority to the guests who had to pay for everything, they got served first, better drinks, more alcohol etc etc. 

I could talk for ages about going out every night because we did so many different things such as a boat party, bar crawl and really good deals to get in all the clubs but the highlight of the holiday was just being with these amazing girls! (and the food)

I will not go into too much detail because this post would be way too long but I just wanted to share the reasons on why you should go on a girls holiday:

1. Becoming even closer with your friends; it takes some organisation and planning to go on a holiday, especially with a big group and you have no one else to rely on but each other. Also, you get to see different sides of people when you literally spend 24 hours a day with them and everyone will be more themselves than ever. 

2. Spend days talking about anything and everything; it is basically a really long sleepover and who is not up for that?!

3. Challenge yourself; going on holiday with a big group is a challenge, arguments will happen and I think it is a good experience to learn how to work together but also how you can be and react in these situations. 

4. Celebrate! I think this is such a good reason to go on any holiday really, I was personally going through a tough time and spending a week abroad in a hot country with my best friends was exactly what I needed to relax, have a good time and just live in the moment.

5. MEMORIES; I can’t believe it is the end of my high school experience here with these girls but this holiday will stay with me forever! It is all about the memories you make and when you look back in years time, you will be glad that you did it! I know I will.

I can’t recommend doing this enough, it was honestly the best experience and I hope all my friends want to go again next year!


Marlinde x

p.s thank you for an amazing time girls, onto our next adventure

p.p.s shoutout to the Leeds boys C