Stripes and Sandals | Summer Outfit

There is nothing that can cheer me up more than shopping in Zara! This is by far my favourite store and I had to buy these amazing trousers as soon as I saw them! I had been looking for a pair of these for awhile now and I saw the perfect ones in Zara before, however they were not in my size so I was so happy when I saw these navy/white striped ones a few weeks later! They are so comfortable and easy to style, I am wearing it with this cute and simple white top from ASOS which I just checked is £3 in the sale at the moment! I really want to wear these trousers with a nice sweater as well I think that would look so good but it was definitely too warm for that. I love how this simple crop top makes the outfit look and I really like the extra straps at the front.

The shoes I chose to wear with this outfit are some navy sandals from Deichmann with a gold/bronze detailing, they were very affordable and I have worn them so much already! I think this outfit is very easy to style and change, some heels instead for example would make it look more classy but it was a very casual hot summer day which is why I went for these cute sandals. 

♡ Trousers – Zara (they are out of stock online but you might find them still in store!)

♡ Top – ASOS

♡ Shoes – Deichmann 


Marlinde x