DIY | Marble Laptop Case

Since marble is the new black this year, I decided to share this DIY marble laptop case with you! It is suuuper easy and quick to make and the result is gorgeous! 

What you will need:

– laptop

– clear hard cover case (amazon or eBay)

– self adhesive marble sticker (amazon) I used this one!

– scissors

– pencil

– really really sharp knife (careful with that tho)

– card or ruler

The first thing to do is to place your laptop on the marble sticker and draw a line around it. Then cut out the shape of your laptop, take off the back of the sticker and place it carefully on top of your laptop. Now this is probably the hardest part and also the only part that is slightly time-consuming because this sticker is not going to do what you want. In fact, it is going to create all these air bubbles underneath, more and more as you try to push them away. So here is my advice; take a deep breath, and a card, and go over the sticker pushing the air to the sides until the sticker is completely flat. I used a small card but you can use anything such as a ruler, book or any other object that can help you push the air away.

Once you have overcome this step, (it is not actually this dramatic) it is time to cut out the apple logo for those of you using a macbook. You will need the sharpest little knife for this because otherwise it is very difficult to get through the sticker and you might damage your laptop. 

After this there is only one step left which is to place the clear case over your laptop and, voilà! One very tumblr laptop in less than an hour! I spend most of this hour taking pictures so it really does not take up much time. I think it is so worth trying this DIY out, I am so happy with how mine turned out I wish I had done it sooner. The marble sticker ordered from amazon I have used multiple times on different objects as well, there is so much material that you can literally ‘marble’ anything! You can try this DIY out on your phone, notebook or even dressing table. 

Love, Marlinde x