NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick | push up

After seeing all the pictures on Pinterest of these beautiful liquid lipsticks, I finally got one! I decided to go for the colour ‘push up’ as I thought that would suit me the best. Now, I already fell in love with NYX’ soft matte lip creams, especially because they do not dry out my lips or feel uncomfortable whilst still being matte. The lingerie lipsticks however, are a lot longer lasting than the soft matte lip creams, dry even more matte and are VERY pigmented but they dry my lips out and are not comfortable to wear at all. It is okay when I put a thick layer of lip balm underneath but still, I wished they had find out a way to make them less drying but still this matte. 

This liquid lipstick is a bit hard to touch up as it will look a bit of a mess and it is easier to take it off first, and then add a new layer. However, since it is so long lasting that kind of balances it for me. 

To be honest, the result when using this lingerie liquid lipstick is gorgeous but you have to be willing to sacrifice getting some dry lips. I really wished that the formula was different but I want to be completely honest on this blog! My hands still keep reaching for this liquid lipstick A LOT because I love it when I put it on, I just kind of regret it after awhile because my lips already start to feel a bit more dry during this time of the year when it gets cold outside, I should not actually make that worse. (but I can’t help it, it’s just so pretty!)

I know there is a bit of a mixed feeling going on here but I hope I am not the only one who experienced this with the NYX lingerie lipsticks. Also, I would love to know what your favourite liquid lipstick is!

Love, Marlinde x