Insanely cheap make up brushes

A make up brush set for less than 5 pound?!
I purchased these rose golden beauties on eBay about a month ago and they just arrived. It takes awhile for shipping but I really liked the ”unexpected expected” package just because I almost forgot that I ordered something so long ago. Of course brushes insanely cheap like these are not comparable to brands like Sigma, MAC or Zoeva but for this price it was worth the risk of quality. Honestly I just wanted to see how a brush that is less than 50p is when it comes to material and quality, I was very curious if they would actually work even it was just a little bit. I tested them whilst doing my everyday make up routine for the past week to see if it would turn out a lot different than normally. So, some brushes are absolutely useless but there are a few that are actually not that bad and that I will keep using. I really like the blush brush as it uses all the product and it does not stay on the brush itself. I also think the blending eyeshadow brushes are pretty good! (again, I am not comparing to the MAC 217 but for this price, pretty good.) Along with the powder brush for setting my under-eye concealer, these are my favourites out of this set. Even if they are not all very good, only for 4 or 5 of the brushes it is already worth this money. 
They are a bit on the smaller size so I would recommend these for travelling, or just for in your handbag if you keep a small make up bag in there.

I still cannot believe that this 8 piece brush set only costs £3.79, you can find them here.
Personally I think they are already cute enough to buy just for room decoration!

Love, Marlinde x