Getaway break to Fuerteventura

As school and work and just life in general can be very stressful at times, I absolutely loved the idea of a little getaway break from everything. My family and I went to one of the beautiful Canary Islands; Fuerteventura. We stayed for a week at the Magic Life hotel whilst we enjoyed the beach and swimming pool every single day. Normally, our family is much more adventurous and we would see as much as we can of places we visited. However this holiday was specifically meant for relaxing! And by that I mean doing nothing all day apart from reading, sunbathing, swimming and enjoying the buffet 24/7.

Of course I had to take a picture of one of the most beautiful and meaningful art pieces I had seen on the beach. (whoever made this credits to you, I love it)

When I saw this it immediately took me back to teen wolf season 1, I hope I’m not the only one. I looked around but no sign of a werewolf there, how unfortunate.

The hotel we stayed at won my heart when I saw that they had a special place for the cats there. Offering them food, water and a whole lot of attention.

As you can probably tell by this picture of our breakfast, it was not the most healthy holiday. Yes, we did have this breakfast every day and I should feel no shame for choosing fresh warm waffles over fat free yogurt. (and neither should you!) I must say that I am trying to get back to my normal habits now that do not include five different desserts a day but I do miss all of the choices! Since it was an all-inclusive holiday, we could grab as much food as we could possibly eat and try out so many different things which I loved! I was shocked by the amount of food they prepared and were offering, there was something for everyone. Just cheese was not enough for this restaurant, no they had to have 14 different kinds of cheese to please every guest. And it worked! I really cannot complain about the place we stayed, every employee worked incredibly hard and they all made us feel so welcome and valued. If you are planning on visiting Fuerteventura and you have no idea where to stay, please check out TUI Magic Life because I can guarantee they will take good care of you. I do have to say that other surrounding hotels and resorts looked incredible as well but I can only give my opinion on this one as I did not stay in any of the others. (yet…)

Even though we planned on doing nothing this holiday, my sister and I did go snorkelling one afternoon which I posted a picture about on my Instagram: xmarlindeee. I had never been snorkelling but it was something that I have wanted to do for a really long time. It was honestly so amazing to see so many fish and just the whole ”under the sea” world with beautiful coral and little plants, the water is so clear which makes the whole experience so much better! I definitely want to go diving one day and feel even more ”part of that world”. 

I miss sitting outside at night in just a dress and wearing my beloved sandals everywhere, it is so hard to get used to this British weather again! I know I got all into the autumn spirit before I left but I think it is going to take me awhile now to get used to wearing a coat and socks again! 

Love, Marlinde x