An Autumn wishlist

To start of with a little secret, my wish list is way bigger than this. I mean, I can start talking about how grateful I am with everything I have and that I don’t actually need a new candle, but how interesting is that going to be? I love making wish lists. They are just a little reminder of why I have to work late evenings when I actually want to sleep and why I need to save up my money instead of spending it on another frappuccino. 

1. Zara jacket – This gorgeous jacket from Zara is still a ‘should I buy it or should I wait’ item for me as I have walked past it sooo many times and still haven’t bought it. I thought it might be worth waiting for the sale but then, when will it be in sale?! and what if it is already freezing by then? I really like that it is in khaki and I think it is the perfect colour for autumn. The zips and the belt at the bottom are the right amount of detail for this jacket and I think it would suit so many different outfits!

2. Pandora tiara ring – To be honest, I have never been into the Pandora bracelets with the different beads but their rings and earrings are stunning! I adore this rose gold collection with all my heart (no, this is not an exaggeration) but their is one ring that stands out for me and that is the Tiara one, it just has that ‘princess diaries’ effect and the fact that it is in rose gold is even better! I don’t wear rings that often and I really want to find some beautiful ones that I can start wearing, this one is definitely at the top of that list! I also find Etsy a really good shop for unique pieces of jewellery and a bit less pricier. 

3. Lush sparkly pumpkin – Can anyone even make an autumn wish list without this sparkly pumpkin from Lush? I think no. As you could have read in my ’10 reasons to love autumn’ post last week, warm baths are one of the main reasons that I love autumn and I think a Lush product is definitely essential for a good bath. Tip: this pumpkin is only meant for those who don’t mind having tons of glitter in their bath!

4. Yankee candle – A new Yankee candle! I still have my snowflake cookie candle from last year as I don’t want it to finish (does anyone else have this problem?) but I really want some new ones, especially since it is getting dark earlier around this time of the year and candles with some fairy lights give a much cosier effect than the bright ceiling light I have in my room!

5. Hourglass powder – Ever since the beautiful Zoella mentioned the Hourglass ambient lighting powder in her video, it has been on my wish list. The reason I have put in in my autumn wish list, when even I wanted this product months ago, is that my skin already looks glower, and healthier in summer. I feel as if as soon as autumn and winter starts and the colder months are coming up, the appearance of my skin is not like that as much anymore which is exactly why I think this powder would be a really good purchase for autumn!

6. Origins face mask – I am a big fan of face masks in general, I think it is good to treat your skin with a bit extra than your daily moisturisers. This origins face mask in particular is described to be really good for clearing pores and reducing acne. Now, I will have to test this out before I can say it works but it sounds very good to me, I have also heard and read a lot of positive reviews about this face mask.

7. YSL Touche Éclat – Finally, the YSL Touche Éclat concealer and highlighter in one! I mean, does that not sound like the perfect beauty product?! I think this would be perfect for under my eyes, especially when I don’t have enough sleep, to give a fresh and awake look! Also, the packaging is sooo pretty, I always have such high expectations from products with gorgeous packaging so I hope I get to try this one out some time. It is just a lot more expensive than my current collection concealer. I do think the collection concealer is the cheapest concealer (that works) ever so I might just need to save up for YSL if I want to try that one out.

Love, Marlinde x