Pink Shoes For Spring

I love winter and all those cozy days but I kind of had enough of the cold and rainy weather, so I think it is time to turn my closet into the spring spirit! I really needed some new shoes so I searched on the internet for some black ankle boots actually, and I ended up buying something completely different. (oops)

I found these cuties on and I knew I had to have them! I saw similar ones to these awhile ago on another website but they sold out very quickly. I was so happy when I saw these ones! They are in the same sort of style as the original Timberlands. I have never really been into those kind of shoes but I absolutely love these light pink ones because I find them a bit more girly and they suit my style more. I won’t talk about my love for pastel colours again since I already did that in my Barry M nail polishes post but just so you know, I love pastel colours. *oops I did it again*

I think that the light pink colour of these shoes is amazing for spring and even summer although that is a bit far away now. I haven’t actually wore these out of the house because I am so scared to damage them, does anyone else has this problem with shoes? Anyway, I wanted to show an outfit where I wear these shoes but I haven’t been able to find the perfect one yet. Once I find a pretty outfit to go with these shoes you’ll see it on my blog, I was thinking of a grey dress, preferably without tights but I don’t think the British weather is going to let me do that!