Fall | Shoes

Time to change your closet from summer to fall!I always get so excited about this! I love to shop for fall clothing items.You can wear so many things again instead of just a swimsuit.Don’t get me wrong I do love summer! I still wear my cute summer tops but now I throw a nice leather jacket over it. I think the things you should focus on if you’re shopping for fall are shoes.Fall is the time of the year when it’s raining all day, but you still need to go outside ofcourse.And when it’s raining so hard, everyone is looking down to the street.Nobody can see your cute outfit now but they do see your lovely shoes! That’s a good reason to look up to someone and see how they are dressed.(you want to make sure that your shoes will survive the rain)My favourite pair of shoes for fall this year:

I love these shoes so much! they basically go with every outfit.

I think the belt is a nice detail and you don’t see it very often.

Also, they are pretty easy to walk in because the heel is very big and the sole has enough grip so you don’t slip.

I bought these on www.invito.com 

The only thing you need to do now is grab your cute umbrella and you are ready to go!